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Wilpattu House Cottages / Bungalow is an isolated tranquil, rustic no frills nature stay and similar to homestay. It is located by (2.5 km) the Wilpattu National Park entrance at Eluwankulam, on the Puttalam-Mannar Road. The property is surrounded by scrub jungle. This is tranquil rustic place where the sounds of birds and peacocks are what disturb the tranquility.

It is a convenient location for Safaris into Wilpattu National Park and Whale and Dolphin watch tours in Kalpitiya.

Wilpattu House is also an ideal place for stopovers for an itinerary of Kalpitiya - Eluvamkulam (Wilpattu National Park) - Mannar - Pooneryn- Jaffna by bus/bicycle/motorbike. We also help arrange transport of cyclists across Wilpattu National Park. 

We also do Breakfast or Lunch, in house or Packed lunches for Tour groups going on Safari to Wilpattu Park through the Eluvamkulam Entrance or Groups en route to Mannar.

Our meals and fruit are from the property when available (seasonal). We do not use Pesticides. However we are not completely organic because we occasionally use inorganic/artificial fertilizer.

No luxury items available nearby, even beer liquor or Banks/ATM are 30 km away in Puttalam. Yes, we do have electricity and running water.
No Wi-Fi
Smart Phone Internet connection works at 2G
(approx 50-80 kbs) speeds.

TIP: Bring an Unlocked phone and get a SIM card at airport (LKR 100). Configure phone to use the mobile data, using the provider you chose (very simple 1 min operation). Calls (including International) and data are quite cheap in Sri Lanka (LKR 1,000 should last about 2 weeks). This way you wont be dependent on free Wi-Fi for internet connection.

Please NOTE: we are a very small operation and not geared to provide upscale driver accomodation.

We either provide directions or arrange

  • Safaris into Wilpattu National Park (detail). For Wilpattu National Park Entrance Fees and Safari Jeep Costs please click here.
  • Tuk-Tuk thru Wilpattu Park (40 km each way) (detail)
  • Dolphin and Whale watch (Nov to April) (more info )
  • Hike/Picnic along the Kala Oya (4 km)(more detail/photos).
  • Swim in Puttalam Lagoon/Dutch Bay on Secluded Beach (5 km)(photos)
  • River ride up the KalaOya/Lunu Ela estuary (photos)
  • A Dip at Nearby Anicut/Canal (1.5 km) (photos)
  • Take boat ride from Gangewadiya to Kalpitiya
  • Visit Malvila Ruins reputed to have been built by Prince Saliya, son of King Dutugemunu the Great
  • Day Trip through Wipattu National Park to The Doric and Arippu Fort
  • Day Trip through Wipattu National Park to Mannar

Wilpattu House was a waterfront neglected arid sun baked six acre Coconut Estate that was covered with thorn scrub jungle. IIt has been being resurrected to provide hotel and bungalow facilities for the area. The gently sloping property at about the highest point in Eluvamkulam has a constant breeze. There is an almost 180 sky view with glittering stars in clear skys during the dry season.

During daytime you can see Brahminy Kites (Sea Eagles) hover above the property. There are couple of peacocks that strut thru the property early in the morning or late evening. Indian roller birds (sinhala: Dum Kava) with their iridiscent blue plumage seen in flight are common. Walk around the property and see the variety of birds, and the occasional rabbit or tortise.

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Elavankulam (also spelled Eluvamkulam, Eluwankulama on Google Maps) is the last town just before the Wilpattu National Park entrance on the Puttlam Mannar Road. Its last town after Wanathavillu.

Eluvamkulam is a frontier town, but still centrally located. Its a 15 minute boat ride to Kalpitiya from Gangewadiya (5 km from Eluvankulam).

Its 70 km to Mannar with The Doric, Arippu Fort on the way. 152 km to Pooneryn/Sangupiddy Bridge and 180 km to Jaffna Town.

To Madu Church it is about 80 km.

We recommend Rough Guide to Sri Lanka for broader price range of accomodation and detailed description of locales.


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