, Wilpattu House, Cottages Bungalow Hotel at Eluvamkulam
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Directions (Click on the Map to get a larger Image)

Directions by Car
Make sure Driver knows it is to Eluvamkulam, not Wilpattu at Nochiyagama.

At Puttalam Roundabout (near Petrol Shed) take the Road Directly North, which is Old Puttalam Mannar Road. Travel for about 27 km. You will be going past the Towns of Ismailpuram and Wanathawillu (19 km).

Just as you pass the 27th km, you will be crossing a rail track. Approximately after half a km you will see on your left (west) the Sinhala School and the turnoff to Gangewadiya and the Holcim Cement Factory (big sign). Immediately after that will be the Tamil/Muslim School also on the left (west). Be careful there are two large unpainted bumpers.

You will be in the Eluvankulam Town, which has about 15 shops. Keep going and when the shops end there will be a Muslim church. About 100m ahead will be the turn off to Wilpattu House on the left (west). There is a sign at the top of the road.

Proceed 0.5 km along road and you cant miss Wilpattu House.

Directions by Bus from Airport

Bus directions
Bus.  ( 3 buses)
       From Aurport You need to get to the Colombo/Negombo main road.
       Take a shuttle bus from airport to Averiwatte/Katunayake bus stop.
       Take local bus (To Colombo) to main road.  Its about 10 mins (LKR 30).
       (I think they discontinued the shuttle bus).
       So may be better to take a tuk-tuk to main road.
       Get off at Colombo/Negombo Main road.
       Cross the Road and take a bus to Puttalam.

      You could also take a tuk-tuk. Not available inside airport.
      Walk out of entrance.  Out off arrival and go left.
      There are tuk-tuks parked just outside.
      The fare is max LKR 200.
      They may try to hold you up for more.
      Then just wait for one that is passing by.

       Get off at Colombo/Negombo Main road.
       Cross the Road and take a bus to Puttalam.

Bus to Puttalam (About 2.5 hours, 100 km, LKR 250/person)
     Take a long distance bus. Blue color board.
     Destinations: Anuradhapura, Mannar, Vavuniya, Sripura, Jaffna etc.
     If you take the bus before 12:00 pm, good chances of a seat.

     Please dont take the Puttalam Bus.  They are very slow.
     Exception is the A/C Puttalam Buses then cost is LKR 450/person.

    Tip: Pay for 3 seats if a 3 seater is available (right hand side of bus).
    Put a bag on the aisle corner.
    That way you wont be squeezed.

    Get off at Puttalam Main Bus Stand.

NOTE: Ask for Bus to Eluvamkulam NOT Wilpattu. You will be sent somewhere else

Bus to Eluvamkulam (LKR 60, 1.5 hours, 30 km)

    If you decide to take a tuk-tuk is LKR 1200-1500.
    Its fairly scenic going thru rural dry zone area.
   The fancy road is new, about 6 months old.

    Take bus to Eluvamkulam.
    If next bus is to Karativu, take that and call us.
    We will pick you at the Junction before the bus turns off to Karativu.

    If Eluvamkulam Bus,  get down at end of line/last stop.
    Any of the tuk tuk/trishaw will know our place, LKR 60-70.
    They know it as Kumaris Hotel.


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