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Mannar to Puttalam thru Wilpattu Park 120 km (B379 and B403)
The road is carpeted most of the way except for the stretch thru Wilpattu National Park. The road thru Wilpattu is gravel (boralu) but a car can be driven, including Maruti Suzuki's. There is also a bus that goes from Mannar-Silavathurai-Eluvankulam-Puttalam. (See here for Info on Mannar Pooneryn Sangupiddy Bridge to Jaffna)

Note: The road thru the Wilpattu Park opens at 7:00 am and closes at 4:00 pm at the Marichchukkaddi and Eluwamkulama entrances.

17.5 km Mannar to Nanattan South Coast Road B403(naps link)
             Very pretty drive. Part of the road is lined on both sides by Palmyrah trees.

12.8 km Nanattan to Silavaturai South. Coast Road B403 (Maps Link)
T           The Doric (Govenor Norths Mansion) and Arripu Fort are on the way about 5 km before Nanattan

21.7 km Silavaturai to Marichchukkaddi. Puttalam-Mannar Road B379 (Maps Link)
              Marichchukkaddi /Modara Gang Aru is the Northern Entrance to Wilpattu National Park

36.8. km Marichchukkaddi to Eluwamkulama. Puttalam-Mannar Road B379 (Maps Link)
               This stretch is thru Wilpattu National National Park.
               The road is gravel but driveable even in a Tata Nano.
               You might be luck enough to see elephants on the east side of the road.
               Crocodiles too can be seen in two of the smaller water holes.
               Contact us for more info on places/attaractions to see on the way.

31.9 km Eluwamkulama to Puttalam. Puttalam-Mannar Road B379 (Maps Link)
               The Southern Entrance to Wilpattu National Park is at Kala Oya Causeway, Eluwankulama.
               Wilpattu House is just 4 km South of the Kala-Oya Causeway Southern Entrance.
               The turn off is on the West and Wilpattu House is 0.5 km.



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