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Western Province
Diggala to Rukgahatotupola crosses Panadura Ganga/Kapu-Ela

Diggala: From Old Galle Road, Keselwatta Junction
Rukgahatotupola, at the ferry on the road from Panadura to Kesbewa, via Horana, at the 3'/i mile-post (map static)
Diggala Ferry

Egoda Uyana to Gorakapola/Henamulla crosses Panadura Ganga
  Egoda Uyana: From New Galle Road side
Gorakapola: From Old Galle Road 14th and 15th Mile post
Indigahaotupola to Paragastota (crosses Kapu-Ela)
  Kapu-Ela referrs to the canal and waterway connecting the main Bolgoda Lake to Lower Bolgoda Lake (south of Bandaragama, East of Wadduwa) and to the Kalu Ganga (note there is another Kapu-Ela near Galle).
Anguruwatota to Kalawellawa*

Kalawellawa:On the road from Nagoda to Horana via Mahagama, near the 21 1/4 mile-post.

Naragala to Weralugastotupola across Kalu-Ganga*

Naragala, On the road from Nagoda to Horana via Mahagama, near the 33rd mile-post.
Weralugastotupola (Foccester): On the road from Warakagoda to Govinna, at the 2.5 mile-post.

Molkawa across Kukule-Ganga
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Udugama to Kitulgahawatta*
  Udugama:, On the road from Leuwanduwa to Udugama, at the 10th mile-post.
Kitulgahawatta: On the road from Alubomulla to Alutgama in Raigam Korale, at the 1 3/4 mile-post.
Pugoda-Hanwella (Kelani River)
Mutuwadiya to Mutwal (Modara)

* I am not sure of the exact location/directions. Here is a map of the area. B224 is the Nagoda Horana Road. I am pretty sure the Horana, Matugama road does not have a Ferry on it, as I have driven often enough on it.

PDF file of Ferries in Sri Lanka


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